Thursday, September 20, 2012

Losing Weight.....the Old Fashioned Way

I fight the fat gene. No seriously, I do. My body loves to store everything I eat. (I apparently have a difficult time parting with my food.) With that said, I am attempting, (for the second time), to lose 20 lbs . Why do I say the second time? Well, almost 3 years ago I drastically changed my diet to vegan. I had issues with my stomach and intestines that no doctor could figure out. I was tested for Celiac Disease, negative. But just because a test comes back negative, doesn't mean you don't have a sensitivity to it. My doctor recommended cutting out gluten and dairy (I knew I was lactose intolerant).

So I did.

And it helped.

But I continued to always have that sick to my stomach feeling, swelling all the time, bloated, you know the drill. So I started reading up on the vegan diet. I began with The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, and followed that up with Brendan Brazier's Thrive. Both from completely different points of view, different recipes and different thoughts on being vegan. So there I was, 30 lbs over weight, feeling sick all the time, in desperate need of a I sucked it up and went cold turkey. Just like that. No meat. No dairy. No gluten.

I didn't feel amazing right away. It took a good week or two to notice the change that was happening. I slowly started to realize that my energy levels were increasing, my appetite was more controlled, and my stomach pain was disappearing. And the weight, well that was melting off, almost immediately.

In the short span of 3 months, I went from weighing 167 (yikes)
 to 138.

The amazing thing was, I didn't even realize the weight had gone. I was working out 5 days a week, mixing it up between weights, cardio, yoga, Zumba, anything that held my interest, which is not an easy accomplishment.

After 1 year of maintaining that weight and diet, something changed. I had just gone through my first round of IVF, first miscarriage, and one failed frozen IVF cycle. I was sad depressed. We found a new doctor, a new technique for trying to get pregnant. But it would all start with surgery. I was immediately inundated with fear. The fear of knowing how hard I had worked, how much weight I had lost, and knowing I would not be able to work out for about a month.

I was not happy.

But if this was going to help us get pregnant, I would try it.

After surgery, I grew more depressed. I convinced myself that I could start incorporating dairy and fish into my diet, and it would be fine.

It wasn't.

I didn't devote nearly as much time to my health, I stopped working out all together. And guess what happened? Yup, all that weight came fleeting back. Over the past year, I've gained, and lost, and gained and lost anywhere around 20-30 lbs, depending on the time of year.

So here I sit, 155 154lbs. heavy. (Lost 1 lb last week! Hey, it's a start!)

Four weeks ago, I had that light bulb moment again. I can't live like this. I hate looking at pictures of myself and always feel self conscious about how I appear. Never mind, always feeling sick. So I've made a promise to myself:

No cold turkey this time. I am simply making small changes to a healthier life. Goal weight: 135

1. I started taking Bikram Yoga 2-3 times a week, now up to 3-4 times a week. It's 90 mins of insanity and burns between 700-1000 calories per class. And I love it! The heat helps to relax my mind and calm my nerves.

2. I started tracking my calorie intake on It's a free website if you are a member of Anytime Fitness. You type in what you've eaten, it calculates your calories for you. You can set weight loss goals, and it will adjust your calorie intake. It also lets you put in your physical activities so that your calories can adjust. It's been a huge help in understanding what I am eating and where I should be at to reach my goals.

3. I try to do something physical every day. Whether it be for 30 mins or 120 mins. Seeing as I sit at a desk all day, I need to make sure I am being active everyday. And I'm not referring to just going to the gym, or going for a run. I mean doing anything physical. Like cleaning our home, putting my new loom together (yay!), anything....

Anyone else trying to live a healthier life? What changes have you made?


  1. I've been trying to get healthier. At my last physical I was told I was as close to the borderline as possible to being diabetic, as well as having high-ish cholesterol. So I've been cutting carbs and sugar, but losing weight so slowly it doesn't feel very successful. I'm terrible about exercise. I've been to gyms before, and unless it's something fun like step aerobics, I don't stick with it, and I can't find a gym that has classes at 6am. I need something to motivate me to exercise.

    1. I find classes keep me more motivated as well. And slow weight loss is actually stated to be better because your body is adjusting to the changes. Keep with the small changes, it will work. My process is moving slowly as well. But every day I feel a little better!

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